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2018-09-14 21:58:50

MKCSCC: Welcome letter

Welcome back to all our existing members from last year, and welcome to all those have just join us.

We are sure you are aware that the Chinese School is a registered charity supported by volunteers, who thrive to improve the organisation continuously. As members, you can contribute to this process. We are always keen to have more volunteers, teachers and teaching assistants. Suggestions for improvements are always warmly welcome. Do come and talk to us, we can all contribute towards a better future of this organisation.

This is the ideal opportunity to restate a few basic rules, in order to ensure the best possible safe environment for all our children.

Safety within classes

  1. During school break time between 11:00am to 11:10am, the students within A and B blocks, please do not go into the open yard. It is very difficult for the school to monitor the activities outside A and B blocks.
  2. For classes on year 1 & 2 (P1, P2 , C1 & C2), will the parents/guardians please arrive by 12 noon at their child's classroom in order to pick up him or her. The teacher will only wait for 5 minutes after class finishes, thereafter the child will be taken to school office. In order for this system to work, parents/guardians of class 1 & 2, please arrive on time.
  3. Parents/Guardian of Year 3 and above, please do not wait for your child outside the classroom. It will cause congestion in the corridors, and may compromise the safety of our younger children.

Safety at the car park

As we are all aware, picking up children at the car park can be dangerous, unless basic safety rules are observed. It is for the safety of all the children that we observed the following:

  1. Always park your car on a proper parking bay, engine off, then only pick up your child. Parking or stopping outside the allocated slots can cause obstruction of view, hence endanger the safety for children and adult alike.
  2. Do not pick up your child in the middle of the road. This can result in blocking the views of other drivers, preventing them from registering immediate danger, for example children crossing the road.
  3. Drive slowly within the car park.
  4. Our Teacher, if present, can only keep a watchful eye on the students, but will neither be held responsible for students’ safety, nor be responsible for directing students/traffic, as the car park is external to the school buildings.

School Uniform

For reason of security, it is compulsory for our students to wear school uniform/identification while on school premises, please refer to our Enrolment Information for details.

Mobile Phone

We allow students to bring mobile phones to school. However, in order to minimise disruption to lessons, we advise that all mobile phones to be switch OFF during school hours, including break time. If student caught using mobile phone during class hours without prior permission, the phone will be confiscated.


Safety for our children is what we all want, but it is only achievable with your cooperation. We hope all of you will follow the above rules and guidance, and make this a safe and fruitful learning year.


Please note that we have a closed Facebook group. From time to time, we make announcements and publish school related information on this page. You are encouraged to apply for joining the group. Below is the link to the group:







2.请一年级和二年级(P1, P2,






















2018-08-29 10:07:08

MKCSCC: School starts Sunday 9th September

There is a small change to the classroom allocation. Please find the revised classroom allocation below.

This is to remind you that the new school term will start on Sunday 9th September. The classes start at 10am and finish at 12pm. There is a 10 minutes break at 11am. Students in class 1 to 10 are required to wear our school uniform, while students in other classes need to wear our badge. If you don't have one, please order one at the enrolment desk. Students should also bring their own stationaries, such as pencil, rubber and pen etc. They will be given a set of books on the first date, so please bring a school bag to carry them.

Student are required to arrive at their classroom at 10am. You can find the room number of your class using the table below.

You can also find an interior map of the school using the link below: Rooms allocation-2018-2019-merged-4.pdf

The car park will be busy on Sunday, so please be considerable when you pick up and drop off your children. Thank you for your cooperation.


MK Chinese School

Milton Keynes Chinese School
Classrooms Allocation 2018-2019
Class Class 2018-2019 Room
C01 C1 B110
C02 C2/3 B207
C04 C4/5/6 A220
C07 C7-10 A110
P01 Foundation B108
P01 P01 B109
P02 P02 B113
P03 P03 B210
P04 P04 B211
P05 P05 B209
P06 P06 B205
P07 P07 A208
P08 P08 A205
P09 P09 A109
P10 P10 A111
P12 P12 B120
PTHA1 PA1 B215
PTHA2 PA2 B213

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