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2020-01-11 19:09:10

MKCSCC: Parents/Teachers Consultation Day – 19 Jan 2020

The Parents/Teachers consultation day will be held on 19 Jan 2020. We hope this can promote a better understanding and co-operation between parents and the school. Please choose as many appropriate periods as possible to facilitate our arrangement. Reply slip should be returned to your class teacher by 12 Jan 2020. Alternatively, you can email your class teacher with your preferred time slots as listed in the reply slips below, complete with student's name and class. Class Teacher will confirm the allocated time slot via handbook.

家長與教師諮詢日( 2020 年1月19日)




Yours sincerely

Chor Leong (chairman)


Parents/Teachers Consultation Day 家長教師諮詢日(會談約五分鐘)

Please return this slip by 12 Jan 2020 回條請於1月12日交回。

I/We   shall /shall not be able to attend the Parents/Teachers Consultation Day on 19 Jan 2020.  Please tick as many appropriate periods as possible.

本人          將會/不會  出席家長教師諮詢日。(請選多個,以便編排)

10:30a.m. to 11:00 a.m.   上午十時卅分至十一時

11:00a.m. to 11:30 a.m.   上午十一時至十一時卅分

11:30a.m  to 12:00 p.m.   上午十一時卅分至十二時

Name of Student 學生姓名 __________________________________

Class 班別______________________________

Signature of Parent/Guardian 家長或監護人簽署_____________________________

Date 日期_____________________



P1   C1
P2   C2
P3   C3
P4   C4
P5   C5
P6   C6
P7   C7
P8   C8
P9   C9
P10   C10
P11   C11
P12   C12
P13   C13

2019-12-08 10:51:05

MKCSCC: Non-Uniform Day

On Sunday 15th December, the school will hold a Non-Uniform Day on which students can choose not to wear school uniforms for a donation of £1 to the school.  If your children want to participate, please remember to ask them to bring £1 to the school and hand the money to their class teachers.They are welcome to wear something that is Christmasy. All profits made will be used to fund the School.

Best regards,

Milton Keynes Chinese School

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