Milton Keynes Chinese School & Community Centre

At Milton Keynes Chinese School Community Centre, we make each school day an enjoyable and rewarding learning opportunity. We are a medium size Chinese School in UK located 5 minutes car drive from Milton Keynes City Centre. We have been providing education and community activities to MK and surrounding areas for over 30 years. We currently have around 250 pupils and the numbers will continue to rise, albeit at a moderate rate.

Our speciality is Chinese Language teaching, with classes spanning from Year 1 to Adult Classes. Students will join our school from the age of 5. Our school team strives to ensure all the children have a fun and knowledge enriching time during their lessons, leading to achieving excellent results in all major external exams. We provide a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for all our children, their families and our community. Our staffs who are in contact with children are all DBS checked to ensure full government compliances.

Our Community Centre provides various activities to members. Past and present activities include Wing Chun Classes, Music and Dances Classes, Museum Visits and so on. Our yearly Chinese New Year Celebration is probably one of the best in the surrounding area.

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Latest Annoucements

Due to the current Covid 19 situation and the government’s guidance, our CNY 2021 rehearsal and celebration are cancelled.

The two days that were planned for the final rehearsals and CNY celebration at the theatre, 7th and 14th of February respectively, will be replaced by lessons instead.

You can always find the latest copy of our school calendar by visiting
We apologise for any disappointment and inconvenience caused.

Please note that Putonghua Class P6 start time is now at 11:45 am.

Welcome to our new school year starting on the 13th September 2020. Hope you all had an enjoyable time even though it was an unusual summer holiday.

As all of you are aware, there are many restrictions on group gatherings, including holding classes in enclosed spaces.

Our management team had a discussion with St Paul’s, our landlord, on the requirements that we must satisfy, if we are to return to the premises in September. These requirements were beyond our expertise and abilities to satisfy. As a conclusion, we have decided to start the new school year with online lessons for the first term, and will reassess the situation again in later days.

The school lessons time for all classes will start at 9:30am, with the exception of class P5 and P11, these two classes will start at 11:45am. Please remember, in order to keep the class as interactive as possible, all students must keep their camera active throughout the lesson.