Milton Keynes Chinese School and Community Centre

Charity Number: 1082578

The school was started in 1986 by a group of Vietnamese Chinese in order to preserve their mother tongue, i.e. Cantonese. Two years later, In July 1988, Milton Keynes Chinese School was formally formed.

As a proof of recognition of our high standard from external bodies, we were awarded the status of Model School by China, and also is now an accredited HSK/YCT Test Centre.

We are a registered charity and a non-profit making organisation. The school is managed by a group of volunteers with support from a team dedicated experienced teachers.

Our classes are held on Sundays, spanning from year 1 to ‘A’-Levels, and complete line up with a few adult classes. We are now major in Mandarin, less so in Cantonese classes due to demand of Mandarin from the community.

We also have community activities, which tend to rotate as interest levels and availability of teachers of these workshops varies from time to time. In the past and present, we have Wing Chun, Taichi, music, dance, arts and various workshops. We also often participate in external competitions and outings.


Chairman: Mr Chor Leong
Company Secretary: Dr Jack Ho
Internal Secretary: Ms Kiet Hua
Academic Consultant: Ms Rachel Li
Liason Officer: Mr KW Wong
Music and External Events Coordinator: Ms Jeannie Choy


Mr Kiep Hui
Mrs Hua
Treasurer: Dr Patrick Wong
Ms Norah Li
Ms Mandy Wong
Mr Ben Choy
Mr Andrew Choy
Mr Jordan Choy
Ms Ching Lu
Dr Haiming Liu
Mr William Wong
Mrs Yvonne Wong
Ms Evelyn Chua
Ms Shaur Shin Yong
Mr Philip Chong
Mr George Warner
Mr Karl Nason
Mr Jame Zeng
Ms Meina Lu

Academic Team

Academic Officer: Ms Lien Jung Chang-Molloy
Exam Officer: Dr Jack Ho
Deputy Exam Officer
Ms Xiaoping Jiao
YCT/HSK Officer: Ms Belinda Wang
Teacher – p00a & p11: Ms Xiaoping Jiao
Teacher – p00b: Dr Qian Liang
Teacher – p01a & p05: Ms Belinda Wang
Teacher – p01b: Ms Wenqin Wang
Teacher – p02: Ms Cao Rui
Teacher – p03 & p06: Ms Min Zhou
Teacher – p04: Ms Yijing Ji
Teacher – p07: Ms Alice Hu
Teacher – p08: Ms Juan Guo
Teacher – pre-gcse: Ms Belinda Qiu
Teacher – hsk4: Ms Lei Chen
Teacher – ca: Ms Sarah Ng
Teacher – ptha1: Ms Shihfen Huang
Teacher – ptha2: Ms Chunjing Fu
Teacher Assistant : Ms Yingying Ho
Teacher Assistant : Ms Xiong Jing
Teacher Assistant : Ms Shung Wen
Teacher Assistant : Ms Yan Han
Teacher Assistant : Mr Ronald Chan
Teacher Assistant : Ms Hanyi Xie