School Year 2020-2021 – News

Welcome to our new school year starting on the 13th September 2020. Hope you all had an enjoyable time even though it was an unusual summer holiday.

As all of you are aware, there are many restrictions on group gatherings, including holding classes in enclosed spaces.

Our management team had a discussion with St Paul’s, our landlord, on the requirements that we must satisfy, if we are to return to the premises in September. These requirements were beyond our expertise and abilities to satisfy. As a conclusion, we have decided to start the new school year with online lessons for the first term, and will reassess the situation again in later days.

The school lessons time for all classes will start at 9:30am, with the exception of class P5 and P11, these two classes will start at 11:45am. Please remember, in order to keep the class as interactive as possible, all students must keep their camera active throughout the lesson.