Q: Where can I find the cost of your courses, lesson times and school rules?
A: On our website, the downloadable “Enrolment Documents” will have all the details.

Q: At what age can a student join your school?
A: Student has to be at least 5 years old on 1st of September.

Q: When the enrolment starts?
A: Enrolment starts in early June. The enrolment form for next School year is available in late May.

Q: When the new School year starts?
A: The new school year starts on the second Sunday of September.

Q: Why am I not receiving notifications from the school?
1) We send out notifications via email, therefore you must provide us with valid and current email addresses.
2) If the email addresses provided are correct, there is still a possibility that our emails will be rejected as spam. Please add our email address, “inbox@mkchinese.org.uk” into your contact list, and occasionally check your “spam box” to ensure our emails are not rejected as spam.

Q: I am interested to know the ‘Putonghua Interest Class – Children ( 1 hour )’ and wonder if it’s still running?
A: Currently, we do not have the one hour interest class anymore, as the focus is now on the two hours classes.