CNY-2021 celebration cancelled

Due to the current Covid 19 situation and the government's guidance, our CNY 2021 rehearsal and celebration are cancelled. The two days that were planned for the final rehearsals and…

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Welcome Back

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Welcome back to school on this unusual time. Hope you all have a reasonably enjoyable and relaxing summer. Keep on learning!

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恭喜所有获奖和参与的选手们,不懈的努力和坚持!一遍遍重复录制视频,每一次都要以最佳状态出镜,有的小朋友年龄很小,真是很不容易。[强][强][强] 第一名至第三名共五位选手被邀参加原计划九月份在希腊举行的全球总决赛。目前全球疫情不稳定,希腊总决赛将会延期举行,孩子们可以安心准备开学,具体的方案近期正在紧张商议,正式出来以后会书面通知到各位选手及学校负责人。

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