External Examinations

Class List

Here at Milton Keynes Chinese School, we offer classes from beginner level to A-Level. As such no matter what your ability, we will have the class for you.

Below is a list of the class list for the current academic year, along with the teachers and class assistants accordingly:-

Headteacher- Ms Rachel Li

Putonghua Class 1- Mrs Rowena Stringer. Class Assistant- Ms Jiao Xiao Ping

Putonghua Class 2- Ms Yu Qing. Class Assistant- Miss Tan Ester

Putonghua Class 3- Shan Shan He

Putonghua Class 4- Ms. Hai Ming Liu

Putonghua Class 5- Ms Wei Dong Wang

Putonghua Class 6- Ms Lei Chen

Putonghua Class 7/8- Mrs Niclon Rui

Putonghua Class 11 GCSE- Ms Zhang Xuan

Putonghua Class 13- Ms Juan Fu

Cantonese Class 1/2- Mrs Yanping Katherine Brownhill. Class Assistant- Miss Sze Ching Candi Wong

Cantonese Class 3/4- Mrs Hankey Monita

Cantonese Class 5/6- Ms Norah Li

Cantonese Class 7/9- Ms. Sarah Ng

Cantonese Class 11- Dr Jack Ho

Cantonese Class 12/13- Miss Xie Wei

Putonghua Adult 1- Ms Jiang Yuan Fang

Putonghua Adult 2- Mrs Cai Guo Zhi

Chinese Musical Instruments Class- Mr & Mrs Mak

Harmonica Group- Mr William Lai