Why Study With Us

Here at Milton Keynes Chinese School, we offer the very best education in Chinese to all. With over twenty classes to choose from, there is a class to suit your needs, whatever your ability. Below are some of the many reasons why you should study with us:-


The School currently not only offers GCSE and A-Level in both Mandarin and Cantonese, but is also an accredited Asset Language Test Centre. Our students are entered for the highly valued Asset Language Test at Classes 3, 6 and 9 for the Breakthrough, Preliminary and Intermediate examinations respectively. This provides a good foundation for our students who choose to continue to our GCSE or A-Level classes. For more information on Asset Languages, please click here.

School Fees

We pride ourselves with the fact that our fees are very affordable and offer the best value for money.


One of the reasons many students rate our Chinese School over others is because of our well developed education structure within the School. Our class sizes are small and there is good communication between parents, students and teackers alike, ensuring maximal efficiency and resulting in the student's education always being the top priority.

Educational nurture of our students

Every year, all students will complete two internal examinations. The Mid-Year Examination, designed to test the students' progress over the first few months of study, usually occurs around January time, whilst the End of Year Examination concludes the school year. Parent-teachers consultations are held twice yearly to inform the parents of the child's progress and recommend which areas can be improved. This ensures that our students are constantly developing their knowledge in the Chinese Language and that the parents also get an insight into what happens during the school day.

Extra Activities

Being a Community Centre and a registered charity, we undertake a wide range of activities and experiences for our students. We host an annual Chinese New Year celebration where we celebrate the New Year and the students show off their hard work in front of the Mayor of Milton Keynes. Several trips are also organised, including, in the past, ones to the Chinese Terracotta soldiers in the British Museum and some enjoyable expeditions to Alton Towers.