About the School

A Chinese School held on Sundays, we provide classes for those wishing to study the Chinese Language. We strive to ensure all our students receive the best teaching available whilst our wide range of classes mean there are numerous options available for our students to take according to their preferences and ability.

Our main objectives are:-

  • To teach Chinese Language to anyone
  • To promote adult education in desired areas
  • To promote understanding of Chinese culture through the use of cultural and social activities among the community, leading to a closer integration of the Chinese community into British society.

We are a member of the UK Federation of Chinese Schools, British Chinese Forum, Milton Keynes Council of Voluntary Organisation and working closely with the Milton Keynes Council.

Charity Number: 1082578

Moreover, as a Community Centre, we run classes and organises activities of general interests such as a weekly Basketball Club, an Art Class, a Harmonica Class, a School Orchestra, Basic Hygiene Courses and frequent visits to museums of national interest.

We hold an annual Chinese New Year Celebration, where class prizes are giving out to the best students in recognition of their efforts and the hard work of both teachers and children are put on show with Class performances. After this, there is the much anticipated Lion Dance which wows the Mayor, guests and parents alike.

We are also regularly invited by the local and national government and other agencies to attend their strategic community and educational meetings where we can voice out opinions for the community.

We aim to promote more cultural activities for our community, however to achieve this, your SUGGESTIONS and HELP is necessary to ensure the continuation of this institute of education. In addition to this, because we are a voluntary organisation, we welcome benefactors as well.